Hard to believe, but your computer’s MP3 player can be more than a repository of embarrassing one-hit wonders and Lite FM ballads. It can also be a source for encouraging your children’s love of literature.
We’ve found a fantastic site for downloading free (you heard me) children’s stories. The archives at Storynory are filled with favorite fairytales like Goldilocks, Sleeping Beauty, and whatshername, you know, the one with the wolf. There are also classics from the likes of Hans Christian Anderson and original tales about Bertie the Frog, formerly a skateboarding prince (like my own significant other).
Storynory’s audio downloads also have the added benefit of a narrator named Natasha with a fantastic British accent. And this in my opinion, is the way all fairytales should be heard. -Liz
Thanks to ParentHacks for the tip.


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