Dirty fingers. Dirty butts. Dirty all of the above! Being a mom means wiping pretty much everything so why not do it in style? Introducing the chic for cheeks, Made by Angie handmade baby wipe containers – for the savvy Mom who’s tired of the blah-blah-whatever wipe containers.
Bored by the practical and *yawn* fugly wipe containers, Angie, a SAHM of two, launched her own delicious design to liven up her (and our) diaper bags. We’re especially digging the Cowpokes container for boys and Kate Spadesque Black Dots.
Cleanliness is next to Godliness and here at Cool Mom Picks, we think style should be too. Hooray for hot mommas with haute ideas! -Rebecca
Be sure to mention "Cool Mom Picks" when ordering to receive free shipping!


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