We love all the favorite kid’s music artists, and by golly, we sure hear enough of them at my house. However, after playing Parker Bent’s new release "I Am Your New Music Teacher" the other day, my daughter is definitely jumping ship.
A California-based music teacher and performer, Bent mixes catchy melodies, great harmonies, and educational lyrics that definitely appeal to the masses. Not only did I have a firm understanding of how to spell the word "cat" after listening to "26 Letters" about 26 times, I’m thinking my daughter may be the only 22-month old who can spell it as well.
It’s great to listen to songs that have been tested with and approved by kids (approximately 200 a week), and it’s pretty obvious why he’s so popular. But, please don’t take my word for it. Listen for yourself and pick up his CD now. –Kristen

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