My daughter has recently discovered the wonderful world of coloring. You name it- she isdrawing on it, and sadly, it’s rarely on actual paper. So instead of squashing her inner artiste, I’m thinking a Chalkboard Table from Sparkability might be just the way to go.
This snappy little table is covered with a durable chalkboard surface so yourkids can actually draw on the table. We love the handy chalk bucket that hangs from the middle of the table – and even better, if your kids get tired of their masterpieces, they can wipe off the surface and start fresh (no need foryou to search for more paper).
And while you won’t have the 241 beautiful renderings of purple and orange scribbles all over the house that we’re sure you’ll miss terribly, you will have less clutter, no scrubbing of all toddler accessible surfaces, and a feeling that perhaps you actually saved a tree. Yippee! –Kristen


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