I’m one of those mothers who always forgets to put a picture of myamazingly adorabledaughter in my wallet. Maybe it’s because I feel like she’s always with me (not so far off, really), or because all our pictures are still stored on our digital camera. Either way, I end up feeling slightly embarrassed and very guilty that I can’t show off my offspring.
Well guilt be-gone because I’m getting a Soho Photo Cuff. Handcut by a Brooklyn artist, these cuffs are a great way to get in touch with your hipster-chic side (mine is currently on hiatus). They come in a variety of colors and styles, including the rad "Brooklyn" unisex cuff, perfect for the cool dad who wants to get in on the photo-bragging action.
You can change the picture whenever you want, and at around $17-20 a piece (depending on your style choice)we say pick upa few because even though you may be a busy tired mom, you don’t wear the same outfit everyday. Or at least, we hope not. –Kristen[via Shelterrific]


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