I found the perfect solution fighting over the old way-too-small-yet- still-kind-of-cute-and-comfy Air Force Academy shirt that my husband refuses to get rid of. Instead of allowing it collect dust in the huge box labeled "Old tees that I’m forced to save because if I throw them away we will surely get divorced," I’m sending that old thing to Nancy Dene so she can create a fabulous onesie romper out of it for my daughter.
Along with various vintage t-shirts that she finds herself, Nancy creates cool outfits from your comfy vintage t-shirts. Maybe it’s that Police Concert Tour shirt he’s been hanging onto or his old college alma mater number. In either case, I say send them off to Nancy and create a fun Father’s Day gift. And if you’ve already done a Salvation Army run, she has some great ones of her own, including the Been There Wrecked That and my personal fave, Raised on Kraft Dinner and Gold Stars.
So consider this. You get rid of an old shirt, your kid gains a cool and comfy one-of-a-kind outfit, and your spousal unit can see his favorite forbidden-to-wear shirt live on. And best of all, you can save the arguments for important stuff – like who will change the next poopy diaper. -Kristen


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