I like to think that the jewelry I wear says a lot about who I am – stylish, funky, and a little bit crazy. However, there’s something to be said about jewelry that sends a message. Literally.
Rustic Relic Designs, the studio of artist Sarah Pedzak-Smith,features brushedsilver collage pendants with vibrant colors, organic designs, and a message of love, hope, or peace (just to name a few). Maybe you’re looking for a way to support a personal cause and make people think, or maybe you just want a cool conversation piece that looks great dressed up or down. Either way, these handmade artisan pieces will get people talking. And if you have a special message of your own, she even does custom pieces.
So ifyou’re not the outspoken type, let your jewelry say it for you. You never know what change could happen from one really stylish necklace. Just imagine. -Kristen
[Thanks Tracey!]


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