Since summer has quickly reared its hot and humid head here in the Northeast, I thought I’d start preparing for the season. Like most men, this entails digging out those flip flops from storage, loading up on some steaks, firing up the BBQ grill and enjoying some cool alcoholic beverages with friends. But seeing as how we’re all parents now, I like to think that I’ve matured from my days of buying expired meat from the grocery store and loading up on Coors Light beer balls.

If you’re looking to upgrade your meat selection and don’t have access to a good butcher, go online and get some Niman Ranch steaks from Williams-Sonoma. These premium steaks come from sustainable family farms, where the animals are grain-fed and hormone-free.

Since I’m no longer shotgunning beers, I usually pair up my steaks with a nice cheap bottle of Italian wine. But even though the wine is cheap, that doesn’t mean I like drinking it from a plastic cup. At the same time, stemware seems too formal for a BBQ. That’s why these Riedel O Stemless Wine Glasses are great. They’re totally casual and especially nice for clumsy house guests.

In parting, I’d like to give a quick shout out to one of my favorite charities, The Fresh Air Fund. For years, they’ve been providing free summer vacations for children from New York City’s poorest and toughest neighborhoods. Quite often, it’s an opportunity for kids to escape from the hardships of home and try things that they’ve never experienced before: climbing a tree, swimming in a lake, or running in the fields. Because everyone deserves a little summer fun, wouldn’t you agree? Metro Dad, Father’s Day Guest Contributor


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