Bibs are a funny thing. You swear you never want to use them, but after a few soaking wet shirts (thanks to the drool machine known as your child), you get over it. And fast. I’m pretty sure I washed way more bibs than I thought ever existed. And then I threw half of them away after the first six months.
Mom designer and founder Nicole Garza of Mally Bibs decided to take matters into her own hands. And what she came up with are the best bibs I’ve seen. Ever. Not only are they entirely too cute for words, these exquisitely handcrafted leather bibs are reversible and wipe clean in an instant (or a few if your child did battle with spaghetti sauce). And we cannot say enough about the adjustable magnetic closure for those of us that are snap and tie challenged.
So we say, grab a couple of these and be prepared to love them throughout all your kids’ bib stages. Not only will they stand the test of time, but they’ll still be cute on Kid #8. Heh. -Kristen


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