Some people you just want to hate. For example, a former model-turned-mom who still looks like a model. But when you get to know her a bit and find out she’s also nice and cool and smart and has a great kid, AND designs unbelievably awesome childrens clothes, well dammit, you just can’t be a hatah.This describes my relationship with Birgitte Jensen. And when you see her line at Amelie Muse, you’re going to want to be her best friend too.
Birgitte started by designing one-of-a-kind pieces for her fancy model friends but now makes them available to the public and their lucky kids. It’s just the kind of chic-without-trying styles you’d expect from a woman with her background. But what I like most is that Amelie Muse’s kids’ clothes really do feel like kids’ clothes, as opposed to resized grown-up duds. Think: breezy gingham sundresses (yep, gingham’s back), graphic two-toned sunflower prints, bold Hawaiian-inspired peasant blouses. Her boys line is in its infancy with just a couple pieces, but we expect future greatness.
Every piece is made to order and the prices are remarkably reasonable. Probably about what her model friends pay for a case of Evian. –Liz


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