If you’re the hippest of the hip and the trendiest of the trendy,
you’re probably already sporting the semi-precious gemstone jewelry look. For the rest of us who have been meaning to buy a piece or two (but all that mothering stuff gets in the way), we found some beautiful pieces from momRickina Velte of Spipo Designs.She combines an innate eye for design (all originals here) and beautiful semi-precious stones to create one-of-a-kind pieces which she’s been making for nine years. We are particularly fond of of the NestEgg Amethyst Ring and the Calm Necklace.
Besides, would you rather buy a piece of jewelry from a large
corporation that was made who-knows-where by who-knows-who? Or, would you like to get a way cooler piece made right here in the good ole USA by a mom of an 11 month old?
Seems like an easy choice to us. -Kristen
Email Rickina before you checkout and mention our website and she’ll give you 15% off your order!


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