Toss your copy of that alarmist pregnancy book, stat. If you really want to know what to expect during pregnancy pick up Stacy Quarty’s Frankly Pregnant: A Candid, Week-by-Week Guide to the Unexpected Joys, Raging Hormones, and Common Experiences of Pregnancy.

The author covers the good, the bad, and possibly the ugliest 40 weeks of any woman’s life, by detailing her own second pregnancy week to week in embarrassing detail. From cracked nipples and hemorrhoids to urine leakage and flatulence (whoops, s’cuse me), Quarty conveys it all with an engaging mix of humor and candor. She also enlists the help of OB to the stars Dr. Miriam Greene—yes, Miranda’s doctor from Sex and the City—to fill in the gaps where the expertise of a professional is needed.

Frankly Pregnant is a fun, easy read and Quarty’s breezy writing style makes you feel like you’re right there with her through all the ups and downs. I only wish it had been available before the birth of my own child. Instead I’ll have to settle for passing it onto pregnant friends so they can put up the cankles, laugh a little, and remember they’re not alone.


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