As all moms know, pregnancy is the source of far too many beauty woes. Then just when you’re starting to feel that second trimester glow you’ve been promised–out pops the bellybutton.
While it’s not the most horrendous of all the pregnancy maladies, it does make one a bit self-conscious in form-fitting maternity tops.
Fortunately for you, mama-to-be, someone has actually taken the time to devise a remedy for the innie-turned-outie. Popper Stoppers are disposable adhesive thingies (yes, that’s the proper term) that you apply over your protruding navel to keep it from erupting through your shirt. Each one has a non-adhesive strip down the middle to avoid irritation and is "medically approved," which means I don’t know what, but sounds good to me.
Popper Stoppers are available at Miss Oops along with many other solutions for your fashion and beauty challenges. I wonder if they have something for cankles? -Liz

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