Surfing around in search of online resources for working moms, the good ones seem to be far and few between. Most look a lot like…well, work. Blech.Mom and GAP bigwig Amy Keroes knew better when she developed Mommy Track’d, the working mother’s online guide to managed chaos. The site positions itself as a survival guide for working moms, but that betrays its contemporary look and refreshingly playful tone. Click around and you’ll find tips to help you get organized, shortcuts that buy you more free time, and ways to treat yourself when it feels like you’re too busy taking care of everyone else in the whole damn world but yourself. There are also articles on the hot topics du jour, for those who can stand reading one more perspective on the MommyWars.
I especially love the Reading Room book suggestions, which strike a good balance between fun, fluffy fiction and hard-core self-help stuff; plus books for kids about working mothers, and a truly inspiring anti-princess children’s book list.
Consider it one more website to peruse during boring conference calls. Right after Cool Mom Picks, of course. –Liz

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