Last summer my now one-year-old was just a little worm who spent his days in the shade of his stroller. But this year we’re grabbing the sun by its rays and getting dirty in the sand. Only problem? It’s bright out there y’all and sometimes a cute hat just ain’t enough.
That’s why there’s Frubi Shades, soft, protective, comfortable eyewear for kids that’s designed by people who know what they are doing: Like Gary W. Hall, MD., an ophthalmologist specializing in solar-related eye disease, and big-time swimming Olympian.
Not only do Frubi Shades have the highest protection value of any glasses out there but they come in an assortment of bright colors so you can color coordinate with baby’s itsy bitsy bikini or lil’-man Hawaiian swim trunks.
Each pair fits children 6 months-6 years so you can protect your growing tot summer in and summer out. So what are you waiting for? Buy a pair or three, get out there and enjoy the sunshine. -Rebecca


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