I am a jewelry snob of the highest order. So if I say I’m coveting something, you must believe I’m talking full-tilt, biblical scale, commandment-busting covetousness.
That’s how I felt when I came across the jewelry of Minneapolis mom and skilled potter, Marti Nelson. Her necklaces and earrings each start with a piece of fired and glazed pottery, which is then accented with semi-precious stones like turquoise, azurite and serpentine jade. You can tell how much Marti loves each piece she creates since she names it–Zelda, Cleo, Arriana–before putting it up for sale. Every one is so raw and earthy and delicate and just…yum.
I hesitated in selecting a photo, since every piece is one-of-a-kind, and depicting a great one makes it all the more likely that someone will snap it up before I do. Especially considering most are in the very reasonable $30 range.
But the benevolence within me is strong today and I am compelled to share the joy. –Liz


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