As a tall preggo, I had a pretty long awkward stage – you know, when your regular clothes are too small in the belly, but maternity clothes look like you’re playing dress-up with a parachute. I couldn’t evensport my old shirts because they didn’t cover up that ridiculous looking tummy band on the maternity pants.
Helen and Isabelle, the two European-born mums behind Baby Be Mine Maternity, have the perfect solutionwith theirbelly bands. These soft, stretchy, stylish bands fit over your waistbands, allowing you to wear your regular pants unbuttoned early in the pregnancy, and hiding that ugly elastic altogether for your remaining maternitywear days. Poking out from under a shirt, they just look like the bottom of a fitted tank. Brilliant.Grab a couple of belly bands and you can look chic and feel great – something most preggos would happily pay a million bucks for. -Kristen