As anyone familiar with New York knows, tonight the FDR drive will be lined with junior firework watchers wearing–what else–black. It’s not that they don’t love America in the big city; it’s just that red white and blue screams Wayward Tourist Lost on the Way to Madame Tussaud’s.
Presenting the manifesto of hipster city kids and their kindred spirits across the nation: Urban Babies Wear Black. Michelle Sinclair Coleman’s hilarious board book is a tongue-in-cheek look at life in Manhattan for the species Infantus Urbanus.
The awesome artwork from illustrator Nathalie Dion brings to life the daily grind of gallery-hopping, yoga classes, and mocha latte playdates.
What? Isn’t that what your baby does every day?Pacifier online will even package the book in its own coffee–er, latte–cup with a complimentary onesie. Yes, in black. Even on the fourth, is there any other color? –Liz