When you’re fresh out of the maternity ward, you can hardly be counted on to brush your teeth, let alone pick out coordinated accessories for the offspring. It seems a small matter until months later, when you scan through the millions of baby photos, and it looks like a rainbow exploded all over him.Consider honoring the next mom-to-be in your life with the Pixie Cap and Mary Jane Bootie set from the very cool New Zealand knitting collaborative, She’s Crafty. Hand-knit from scrumptious NZ merino wool in brilliant red, they’ll keep a new babe nice and cozy, as plenty of celeb mums like Emily Watson have already discovered.The elegantly packaged set includes the cap, the booties, and a handmade wooden rattle, all of which set the stage for a perfectly well-coordinated photo op. No matter how little sleep the parents are running on.
Act now, or risk missing the boat on this one. She’s Crafty is scaling back on knitware and dialing up the yarn and pattern sales. Pity for the craftily challenged like me. –Liz[via souris]
Cool Crafty Moms: Order now and get a free pdf of the much coveted mary jane booties knitting pattern. Enter coupon code PATTERN at checkout.

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