While every new mom-to-be has an insane list of things she needs (wipe warmers not withstanding), there’s nothing cooler than getting her something she needs but doesn’t yet know she needs.

This journal from perrenial celebremom favorite Planetjill (well, if Mary-Kate has one…) is that very gift. There are 158 lined pages just begging to be filled with milestones, moments to remember, and lots and lots of blog fodder. Best of all, the outside of the journal has a dime-sized sterling silver photo charm into which designer Jill Schiff will insert a beautiful black and white photo of the Cutest Baby Ever. Just email a jpg or mail an original pic and they’ll do the rest.
Sure, it’s not the personalized potty at the top of the shower registry, but somehow we think it will suffice. –Liz
[thanks shelley]


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