As the old ad used to say, I love sweets but they don’t love me. And then I discovered the carbs that love you back: The absolutely 100% calorie-free goodness of Heidi Kenney’s felt creations at My Paper Crane Shop.
Heidi turns your favorite bakery items into oddly desireable plush dolls including a salty pretzel, slices of toast (the poor burnt one is crying), a selection of frosted donuts, and the very adorable short stack of pancakes shown here. If you’re literal about the no junk food around the house policy, you’re in luck. The artist also has an offbeat bathroom collection of wadded up tissues, toilet paper rolls, and yes, tampon dolls. I haven’t quite figured out the right gift-giving occassion for that one, but there’s gotta be something. –Liz
[via CMP reader Nichole]


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