It seems that along with my bright wit and sparkling personality, my daughter has inherited my sensitive skin. And while I have found a few products that suffice, sufficing isn’t good enough when it comes to my girl.That’s why I’m delighted to have discovered WoodSprite Soap. Owner Jacquelyn Ramsey prides herself on creating organic skincare products that are handmade from scratch with totally naturalingredients (i.e. ones you’ve actually heard of) like exotic organic fruit, herbs, nut oils and soy, then scented only with pure essential oils.The line of olive oil soaps is fantastic, particularly theCreamy Castile Baby Soap for sensitive baby (or baby’s mama) skin. And I loved her SeaweedContouring soapso much that I made an excuse to take an extra shower every day just to scrubwith it. That’s high praise from a mother with a nap-averse toddler.
With dozens of delicious lotions and potions to choose from at WoodSprite, you’re sure to find something you love. Meaning you’ll never have to tolerate that "natural" baby powder-cucumber-melon scented baby stuff again. -Kristen

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