I’m happy to lend out my daughter’s 1,278 books, however, I can’t be bothered penning our name and phone number in every single one. But without some type of identifying mark, I have a feeling I’ll never see them again.
That’s why I’m in love with these cool retro bookplates from The Paper Princess. Custom printed with the name of your choice, these self-adhesive labels make a greatgiftyour favorite big or little bibliophile. And while you can choose from a variety offun designs,I’m partial to the Green Jet design (must be that pilot in the house).
So, make sure to dress up your books with these before you decide to become a neighborhood library. Because even if your kiddo is one of twenty Henrys, at least you’ll know you’re the only one cool enough to think of puttingthese cute bookplates in the books. -Kristen


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