The nursing pillow: The number one item on every baby registry.
The nursing pillow: The number one ugliest textile in my home.
Finally, FINALLY someone has come up with a solution. Regina Saari, the too cool mom behind Saari Designs has created nursing pillow covers in prints that that far surpass the fluffy white clouds that pass for modern design in the aisles of the baby-stuff chain stores.
The vintage black tattoo fabric is way cool (and hides spit-up stains too) but she’ll do custom if you’ve got something else in mind. Just pick from any of the fabrics in her inventory like the kitchy Hello Kitty Geisha print or the rockabilly pink skulls.Because there’s no law that says you can’t be your badass self, even if there is a baby hanging off your boob and not a steel nipple ring. –Liz


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