We all know that any eating, drooling, or art-making extravaganza on the part of your toddler is never pretty. But while you may successfully protect your child’s cute top with a smock, the pants are never so lucky. Beth Allums–mom, art teacher, and crafty owner of The Monkey and Me–has created an ingenious coverall bib that does just what it says. Stylishly, of course.
This reversible bib snaps around the neck and covers your little mess-maker all the way down to his ankles by way of simple bands that snap around the legs. It’s an awesome alternative to those those not-so-catch-all bibs and art aprons.
A nice selection of fabrics (like the robot print here) means nosy relatives won’t scold you for covering up your tot’s "special outfit." And you’ll get to enjoy family photographs in future years, without remembering the big stain on his pants that took you three washes to get out. –Kristen


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