As a new mom, it’s hard to know where to turn for good advice. There are several websites offering free newsletters, which at their best clutter up your in-box unopened. At their worst, they make you feel like if you don’t buy a particular developmental toy from their online store right now now NOW, your child will grow up to rob banks and torture small animals.
Enter MamaLife, an easy reading, common sense weekly e-mail newsletter that helps you navigate the trials of first year of motherhood. They provide tips (actual helpful ones), useful links, and even some unbiased product recos to help keep you organized, stylish, and sane. Add a splash of humor and the MamaLife newsletters are, shockingly, something you’ll look forward to in your inbox each week. Check out their archives for a taste.

Best of all, MamaLife will never leave you feeling guilty that your kid isn’t quoting Hamlet or climbing rock walls by his first birthday. Damn, I knew I shouldn’t have bought that Baby’s First Shakespeare series. –Christina


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