My back hurts. New moms know what I’m talking about–it’s all that lugging around baby blankets and baggies full of Cheerios and water bottles and diapers. And in my case, multiple hats. Always multiple hats.I am looking forward to the day that my son can start shouldering some of the load, and when that day comes, I’m all over the Go Wild Backpacks from Little Packrats. A monkey for my little monkey–isn’t it obvious? Or maybe by then the boy will have his own preferences in animals (the giraffe is darn cute).
The colorful bags are handmade by a mom herself. Which explains why each pack is made of weather-resistant, easy-to-clean vinyl. Way more durable than that "character" tote kids have been seen dragging around and I assure you, more fun.Now if my son will just start carrying his own gear already. Or maybe I should wait for him to learn to walk first. –Rebecca


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