You’vebeen there before: You get the baby shower invite, peruse the registry, and try to figure out what you can buy that will actually be of use. And let’s be honest, a "keepsake blanket" is probably not at the top of your list. Isn’t that just a polite way of saying "blanket that goes in the cedar chest covered with moth balls?"Not anymore. The Blankee Company has created a blanket thatcombinesasoft moon-star patterned plush on one sideand a yummychamois suedethat will please staunch traditionalists and unconventional preggos alike. And unlike those other blankets, these are totally machine washable. Perfect since you’ll actually want to use them.
Their lovely presentation, including a sleek white box and ribbon, sealed the deal for me. Even the labels are charming. These definitely get the cynical mom about traditional baby gifts seal of approval. -Kristen


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