I was a fair-skinned child who grew up at a time when the sun was worshipped, not respected. Think baby oil and reflectors. Yikes. I had more than my share of heinous sunburns, and now that I know better, I’m doing my best to spare my children that pain–or worse.
Cabana Life, co-founded by a woman who was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma in her mid-twenties, is a clothing company dedicated to creating beachy-chic children’s clothes while educating consumers about the dangers of sun exposure. The items provide a protection factor of 40-50+, and do it beautifully. I especially love the colorful tunics and capris for little girls, and the beach shirts with dolphins or surfboard prints that magically appear when exposed to sunlight. (Magic! What kid doesn’t like magic?)
Plus, a portion of the profits go to organizations like the Skin Cancer Foundation. Of course I know summer is almost over and fall shopping is on the brain–however the current sale on the site makes it a perfect time to buy a size up and get ready for next year. Or that beachy vacation that you just know you’re going to need come November. -Julie


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