Cupcakes are arguably nature’s perfect food. I don’t think it’s possible to ever be angry at anyone or anything when you’re eating a cupcake.

That’s why I’m in love with this limited edition t-shirt from Johnny Cupcakes. The creator, Johnny Earle, uses his cupcakes in place of pop culture icons to create tasty t-shirts, hoodies, belts, and more. All of his shirts and gear have at least one cupcake incorporated into the hip designs – you’ll find the frosting-topped treat in place of a skull over crossbones; dropping out of a bomber plane; or trailing behind a bigger cupcake in homage to that great singing tv family of the 70s. It makes me want to break out into "I think I love cupcakes…but what am I so afraid of."

Wear this pastry pacifist tee to your next Mommy & Me gathering and you’re sure to get a conversation going that doesn’t involve who’s kid did what first. –Christina


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