I listened to my mother when she told me, "Never underestimate the power of the rattle." However, after three plastic shakers and a stuffed bunny that sounds like it’s filled wtih a couple grains of rice, I was still faced with a screaming baby. I wish she had been a bit more specific about the kind of rattle.
Take for example, the beautiful Sage Creek Naturals Rattle from green boutique, Lala Natural.
Made from yummy maple, this organic bell rattle appeals to all the senses and wipes clean in an instant. It’s far preferable in my opinion to plastic rattles, considering little teethers seem to think their toys make excellent snacks. Plus I love that the company supportsthe World Wildlife Fund and fair trade practices, and only fashion their products from sustainable woods.
I can’t think of a nicer inexpensive gift for mamas to be. And not just because you’ll be saving them from the dreaded mother’s "I told you so" dance. -Kristen
Use the code "COOL15" at checkoutfor 15% off your purchase.


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