I may not be the handiest gal around, but I’m certainly not one to rely on my significant other to handle the "big stuff." And while you may not see me chopping logs in the backyard, I have been known to put together some tough toddler toys, some of which even required screwdriver usage.
So when I saw the Toolboxed necklaces from designer Nicola Vruwink, I had to laugh–and then covet. Sure a bunch of cherries or a horseshoe makes a cute pendant, but howcool would you be with a hot hammer or manly wrench dangling from your neck? Crafty moms can even proclaim their skills to the world with their own tool of choice, shown here. It’s the perfect gift for that handy–or not so handy–gal who likes to get down and dirty without compromising style.Eat your heart out, Tool Time girls. -Kristen
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