After being quarantined for three months with a tiny infant thanks to the advice of some old school pediatricians, I was ready to get out of house – rainy fall weather be damned. This is where I learned that my child thinks that blankets are for kicking to the ground, even in 40 degree temperatures.
I wish I had owned a Woobee All-Weather Waterproof Blanket.
If you’re envisioning a tacky yellow rain poncho, think again. Outdoorsy-type and creator HeatherCorrea made astylish nylon and plushblanket that can be tied to your stroller, car seat, or baby carrier to keep your baby stylish, warm and–miraculously–dry. That’s where the nylon part comes in. Heck, you can even use it as a nursingcoverlet if you happen to be out in a monsoon.
However be warned: once you have a Woobee, you’ll never have a good excuse for staying in. -Kristen
[Thanks Melissa!]


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