I am not apologetic that I use my daughter’s chest to promote my own interests, tastes and sports affiliations. It’s just a small part of my master plan to get her to agree with a few of them. If you share my perspective, you are going to have a field day at Reckon Wordwide, the online shop of poet, artist, and silkscreen master, Chris Weige.
He’s turned literally hundreds of pop icons into one of the most covetable collection of toddler tees I’ve seen–well, maybe ever.I don’t even know where to start with the extensive list. You’ll find musicians as diverse as Dolly Parton, Thelonious Monk, and Thom Yorke. There are comedians from Bill Hicks to Bill Murray; plus esoteric philosophers, artists and authors, and all manner of entertainment figures. Let’s just say if your life’s dream is to have your child walk around sporting Howard Zinn on his chest, you’re in luck.
You just choose your print, colors and size, and for $21 your high-quality cotton onesie or tee is ready. (Hint: You can get a ready-made one for a few dollars less through Chris’ etsy shop.)If you have even a half an ounce of cool in your body, trust me. There will be something you absolutely must have from Reckon Wordwide and it will be something that gets worn to your next scheduled playgroup. –Liz
Enter code coolmom (case sensitive) for 15% off your total order at Reckon!


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