The one time in my life I was totally dilligent about thank you notes was after the birth of my daughter. I couldn’t thank everyone enough for nine months of love, support, and yeah, the gifts.
The outstanding selection of cards at Paper Mama demonstrates that designer Erica Goldstein really gets the mind of the new mother, who’s compelled to acknowledge everyone in sight. Her bold, clever, mercifully pastel-free designs range from thank you notes for your rock star OB-GYN, doula, best friend or favorite sitter; to cards honoring big siblings, adoptive parents, and even new daddies.
If you’re not a recently postpartum hormonal wreck yourself but have one in your life, Erica has plenty of options to help you say just the right thing too. Like the breastfeeding card (Did you ever think your boobs would cause you so much trouble?) or my personal fave, the new mom card inscribed with: You’re amazing! You’re stupendous! You DO know what you’re doing! Keep it up.
Even if it’s not true, isn’t that precisely what we all wanted to hear? –Liz


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