Oh, the ant. The sweet, sweet ant. Yes, I love the little guys and in fact one of my fondest childhood memories includes my trusty ant farm. The memory could only be made fonder had the ant farm been instead the super-looking Antquarium.

Invented in 2000 by NASA for studying animal behavior under zero gravity conditions, the Antquarium is now available for those insect lovers here on earth. It’s not only a fun way to study the creatures, the modern blue-gel look makes it a piece of art.
Just fill the acrylic container with the included gel, supply a few ants from your garden (or the website listed on the box), and you’re all set. The Antquarium is available at Kid O.
And unlike most pet habitats, there’s no poop to clean up. That’s something even non-ant loving moms can get behind. –Rebecca


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