The pressure to outdo, outspend, outimpress when it comes to your child’s birthday party is extraordinary. We’re not necessarily advocates of extravagance, but we understand that sometimes you just can’t resist going all out where the kiddo is concerned. In which case, have we got an idea for your next bash. Egba Partyblocks are the invitations (cum keepsakes) that cannot be ignored. A solid maple block is custom-designed around any given theme, incorporating photos of your child, invite info, and any combination of numbers and letters. It’s then packaged beautifully and mailed out to your very fancy guest list (won’t Angelina be excited!) who will have no choice but to RSVP yes right away.
Expensive? Absolutely. But it’s just a drop in the bucket when you consider the price of pony rides and that Justin Roberts acoustic set that you’ve probably already arranged. –Liz
Special offer for CMP readers: Mention Cool Mom Picks and Egba will wave the $100 set-up fee!