For the past two years, this household’s been on a steady musical diet of Sesame Street and The Wiggles. Don’t get me wrong–I love me some Rubber Duckie–but I’ve been meaning to try something a little more exotic.
Loopy Moose Radio is a great introduction to kids’ tunes that aren’t plain old vanilla. This online radio station plays innovative, energetic music 24/7, with the exception of one hour each evening for story time.
Despite what you might assume from the name and logo, it’s not "wacky" in the least. In a single afternoon of listening, my girls and I tapped our toes to Dan Zanes, sang along to a bluegrass tune from Funky Mama, and were soothed by a ballad from CMP fave Frances England. There are even conveninent links on the site so you can purchase the very tune that’s playing, or download it via iTunes. So cool.
Gotta run — story time is calling. I’ll be listening while eating some rocky road right out of the carton. For some reason, I’m suddenly having a craving. –Nancy
12.07 Edited to add: Loopy Moose is now known as Mighty Radio. We approve.

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