I learned that if there are two things that all new moms have in common, it’s the desire to meet other new moms, and the desire to fit back into the pre-pregnancy jeans. Like, yesterday.
See Mommy Run is an amazing organization that makes it easy to tackle both of them at once. Founded by amateur runner and mom Andrea Vincent, this not-for-profit allows you to form your own local, child-friendly running or walking group. Their website is simply a portal for interested moms to find one another, and it’s filled with plenty of helpful tips, excellent links, and an archive of newsletters with exclusive member discounts. In less than a year they’ve already got more than 1,500 groups in 29 states. If yours isn’t included, be the first to make it happen. (Um, Idaho? Get with the program.)
You don’t have to be an accomplished runner to join See Mommy Run. You don’t have to be a runner at all. And best of all, there is no spandex-wearing requirement. –Liz

[via Rookie Moms]


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