I am clueless about cars. Give me a reliable car with four wheels and a good mechanic and I’m set. However, it has crossed my mindthat I’m not so sure what I would do if I had engine trouble on the road, or God help me, had to buy a car without the assistance of my husband (aka The Haggler).
That’s where Ask Patty comes in. The site is a one stop shop for women interested inlearning more aboutall things automotive. And, thankfully, it’s not the least bit patronizing. An impressive staff of women automotive experts who know how challenging buying, selling, and maintaining cars can be, feature advice on a wide range of topics. You’ll learn everything from what kind of oil to use to how to use the LATCH system to hook up the carseat properly. My favorite part though has to be the very useful female-friendly car dealer search engine.
Besides, my daughter is only 14 years away from driving age. I’d better get her started now on how to change a flat for mommy. -Kristen


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