I was one of those naive moms-to-be who swore up and down that my tasteful adult abode would never become plastic toy central. "The baby stuff will stay in the baby’s room," I insisted.
I’ve finally accepted that I can’t entirely rid my place of kiddie accoutrements, but I can pare down my own stuff to create less visual clutter. Starting with the walls.
I am utterly smitten with the simple, modern designs of Artist Tobi Wood. She’s interpreted themes of nature with elegant graphics and colors too delicious for words. There are four prints that comprise each of eight themes, like bloom, grass, stem, or bulb, shown here. If like me you can’t possibly pick between them go ahead and order the whole set.Each piece is printed on archival paper, ready for framing. Or if you really want to go all out, take a look at her canvas wall art.I’m already envisioning the day that someone will walk into my living room and comment on the gorgeous Tobi Wood piece. Instead of the exersaucer. –Liz


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