What kid doesn’t love Play-Doh? Let me clarify: What kid doesn’t love to eat Play-Doh?
Hey, I’m all for it, except for the fact that I have no idea what the "secret ingredients" are that’s used to make it those lovely neon colors. That’s why I’m digging the Organic Over the Rain Dough from Cool Mom Picks favorite Lala Natural. It looks, feels, and molds like the big brand stuff, except without all the…er, ingredients. It smells natural with "flavors" like peachy peach and berry pink, yet it’s formulated to taste less than appealing, so that kids aren’t tempted to eat it after they play with it. Sure crafty moms can probably make their own, but considering I barely have the time to put together a decent meal, I’m thinking I’ll save the last ounce of energy I have for other kitchen-related duties. Like opening a box of mac n’ cheese. –Kristen

Use code COOL15 for 15% off your order at Lala Natural.


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