It is a known fact that the phenomenon known as Pregnancy Brain is a misnomer, as it lasts well into that first postpartum year. I swear it took a good six months for me to remember to write down the pediatrician appointments, let alone actually showing up on the right day.
If i had had a Busy Babe organizer, I might have been a little…well, more organized.The Busy Babe is a personal daily calendar that comes assembled just for you, with a photo of your own child on the cover, and six months of pages that begin with the day your child is born. So clever! Each page includes lines for your to-do list, a food tracker, sleep tracker, appointment list and even a space to jot down milestones or random thoughts for your (blog) baby book.
Not one page goes to waste here–even the tabbed dividers between months each have helpful lists, tips, and records for items like doctor’s appointments, baby gifts, and exercise. Whatever that is.
To be clear, this is not a fancy leather keepsake album. It’s a laminated, spiral bound planner that makes a very smart, practical gift. Especially for mommies who need a little help in the um…what was it? Oh right. The remembering department. -Liz


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