You really haven’t lived until you’ve been peed on by your baby boy…in the eye. Or even worse, when he pees in his own eye. Call me crazy, but I prefer to skip this portion of the diaper change and get on with the cooing and toe nibbling. Which is why I love the Whizz Kid Weeblock.
It’s highly absorbent and machine washable, as a good wee blocker should be. Plus it’s small enough that it won’t be in your way while you clean your little guy’s bum. Besides, it’s cute.
The Whizz Kid Weeblock is available at Polkadot Patch Boutique. If you know someone who’s having a boy, take it from this mama of a boy, these would make great shower gifts. Get it? Shower? Never mind. –IzzyEnter code coolmompicks at checkout for free shipping at Polkadot Patch on all orders over $50.


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