It wasn’t until after I had kids and lost most of my baby weight that I started needing a belt. I looked in the mirror one day and realized I had left my butt somewhere on the delivery table. But considering the style of belts that remind me more of what I wore in 1987 with my pegged leg jeans, I’ve invested instead in long shirts and resigned myself to the constant tug.
But after checking out Kristin Kahle’s handmade fabric and leather belts, I might just consider tucking my shirts in again. Pricy? Yes. However, you’re getting a one-of-a-kind belt that features vintage fabrics; beautiful brass, silver-plated, or wooden buckles; and an adjustable tab to insure the perfect fit around those post-baby hips.
Since finding the perfect pair of jeans is almost like searching for the holy grail, don’t ruin them with a belt you would never show to anyone except your closet door. Besides, everyone will be so focused on your sweet belt that they won’t even notice your lower body is…not exactly what it used to be. -KristenCMP readers: Get 25% off your order when you use the code "luckymag" in the discount code box at checkout!


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