Considering my daughter can spend upwards of two straight peaceful hours a day drawing and coloring, it would be great if I could find something to help us take her artwork on the go. Oh how much I would pay for a quiet restaurant meal!
So my holiday wish list includes these cool art folios from CMP favorite Teacups & Tadpoles. Complete with crayons and a drawing pad, this handy little "art to-go" kit is perfect for the car, the restaurant, and days with the grandparents. We love the four fabulous fabrics, particularly the rodeo music print shown here.
Grab one for the car and keep it stashed in the trunk for art emergencies. Like when the fourth round of "Wheels on the Bus" really needs to be the last. -Kristen
Use code CMP10 for 10% off your order; plus get free US shipping on all orders over $100.


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