I can’t pinpoint the exact moment it hit me, but I remember feverishly rummaging through my daughter’s drawers trying to find the bibs I had buried during my misguided early "this child will never ever be caught in a bib" days. And then I saw the awful bibs I actually owned and quickly shoved them back.
Now knowing that bibs are are an inevitable part of motherhood, I recommend starting with a cute one right off the bat, like one of the clever, colorful bibs from Sheriff Peanut–aka crafter extraordinaire, Norah Utley. I love the how her cloth-covered vinyl bibs are entirely functional, all while looking like stylish (but refreshingly unpretentious) baby accessories.
Each bib is handmade to order, which is way more than you can say for that pilled terry cloth wonder you reluctantly pulled out of the drawer in a pinch. Save yourself. Surrender to Sheriff Peanut. -Kristen


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