Ever since having a kid, I find we’re going through four times the tissues. Maybe it’s because someone’s always got a cold. Maybe because someone’s always spilling something. Or maybe it’s because my cat is acting out in really disgusting ways. (Sorry, carpet.)
In any case, while I do need tissues at the ready, I don’t like having those straight-off-the-shelf tissue boxes all over my home. I’d rather wrap the container in something attractive, hiding the true, workmanlike nature of the contents within.
This cotton tissue box cover by the talented Scandinavian textile designer Lotta Jansdotter fits the bill perfectly. It’s available in the beautiful kaffir lime shown here, as well as mustard or turquoise, at her online boutique.
Your houseguests will never have to know that inside that beautiful wrapping lurks a frightening "boutique print" box that would make Thomas Kinkaid proud. –Liz[via stylehive]


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