I’m a little weird when it comes to my baby’s pacifier. While of course I’ll pop in the closest one at hand at bedtime (or during meltdowns), it makes me a little wonky to give her say, the purple one when she’s wearing green and orange. Her dad thinks I’m nuts. But my feeling is, as long as we have one that matches the outfit, why not use it?
I told you I’m a little weird.
For this reason I just love the grosgrain ribbon Binkie Clips from the very stylish Bella Tunno. With 36 different styles to choose from, there is literally one to match whatever your kid is wearing that day. Rainbow? Cammo? Preppy Handbook-sanctioned pink and green? Bella Tunno has you covered.
Besides, the simple construction makes me far less nervous than some of the beaded binkie clips that look to me like a few dozen choking hazards strung together.
Yes, a chronic matchoholic can be practical too. –LizEnter code CMP20 at checkout for 20% off your order at Bella Tunno!


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