After addressing way too manyof my two-year-old’s birthday invites, I realized the onlyreturn address labels I had werethe free ones from charities that remind you you still need to send them a little something-something in return. These labels aren’t so bad on a credit card bill, but perhaps not the greatest choice for my fancy photo cards and personal letters.
The incident reminded me that 1) I owe a few bucks to the ASPCA, and 2) I need to order some return address labels that actually reflect my taste, like the lovelyones from Iomoi. You’ll find classic designs, traditional, holiday, mod–even a pirate motif.
Be forewarned: Their styles are endless and you may have trouble choosing. Hey, nothing’s wrong with the Americanflag on an envelope.Butunless it’s July Fourth, we thinkthe Iomoi labels might better suit the notecard inside. -Kristen


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